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Integrate biotechnology to your
existing infrastructure

Our Services

Bio Pretreatment White_4x.png

Biologically Enhanced Collection System Program

Enhance your collection system by promoting biological activity. Our team will assess and customize a system wide biological system for a quarter the cost of traditional chemical applications.

Fog Mgmt_4x.png

FOG Hotspot Management

Our team will design a custom treatment program to eliminate grease in your worst problem areas, and maintain those sections with no passthrough to the WWTP. This program can be used to expand any existing pretreatment program, with enhanced visibility of FOG contributors.

Pump Station_4x.png

Pump Station FOG and H2S Maintenance

We design custom treatment systems for your pump station, then treat and maintain the pump station for a fraction of the cost of in-house traditional cleaning maintenance. Environmental parameters of the pump station biology are changed so grease is eliminated and no toxic Hydrogen Sulfide byproducts are produced.

WWTP Strain_4x.png

Customized WWTP Bacteria Strain Growing

Quorym laboratory personnel will grow and transfer your custom cell formulation to your site within days of growing the culture. All cultures are maintained at 4°C after growth and during delivery. All cell cultures undergo thorough Quality Assurance testing, and a copy of the reporting is shared with you for your records.

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We design, grow, and service. No middle man.

When you work with Quorym, you work directly with the scientists who built the technology. No distributors or regional sales representatives, only our team of direct specialized problem solvers. 

SSO Overflow_4x.png

Sanitary Sewer Overflow Reduction Program

Our field technician team performs monthly addition of grease metabolizing bacteria, which consumes and eliminates grease buildup, preventing a grease related sanitary sewer overflow. This service is coupled with monthly monitoring of each site, further reducing the risk of SSO's. Each site is included in a monthly report to the system's operational team, and non-grease related blockages are communicated quickly with dispatch.

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